Rally Car Services Donegal. Synergy Motorsport Engineering offers a range of services for the clubman including Rust Repair, Welding, Shotblasting and Spray Painting. The Workshop outside Letterkenny specialises in Mk1, Mk2, Starlets and Mantas.

Rust Repair

Banish the Bubbles 

Lets get that body looking sleek and fit again.

Some panels may need replacement, others may just need some TLC.

Send us the photos and we can have a chat about what your baby needs.


Specialist Welding services

 These motors regularly need some welding. And oftentimes we have to weld in some tight spots, posts and sills.

This is a critical part of repair as we are talking superstructure and reliability. 

Years of exxperience ensures we do it in the right order to get you the best results.

Spray Painting

Pick a colour, any colour, as long as it is:

Diamond White B 3 FB.
Sebring Red N DN.
Daytona Yellow T FL.
Modena Green M FS.
Olympic Blue E GG.
Stardust 3 K2.
Le Mans Green
Maize Yellow
Black A
Purple Velvet F Y
Tawny Brown


Clear the decks..

Lets see what is really under the hood and find any weak spots.

Then we can get down to the metal and prepare your motor, before we restore it to her original beauty.

We have the right grit and are good under pressure, so we know how to get right to the metal